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About Rivett Media

Rivett Media is an eco friendly, carbon neutral media owner.
Our Pedicab fleet is regarded as the Bentley of pedicabs. They are comfortable, safe and a world first in optimum branding awareness with a 6 sheet poster panel mounted on the rear.
We specialise in promotions and events both in the UK and Europe with over 20 years experience in Outdoor Media Promotions.
I believe firmly that you are only as good as your last job and we go that extra mile to deliver the ultimate in bespoke media campaigns supported by state of the art multimedia formats and a specialist promo team that are the best in the business.
We operate in the City of Westminster where there are only three formats of mobile media permitted to operate: black cabs, buses and pedicabs and I can guarantee you that it’s our outdoor formats that get noticed in the crowd.
We have a media mix for our clients to chose from, which provides bespoke packages using totally carbon neutral media formats at a great price.

Graeme Rivett
Managing Director, Rivett Media Ltd