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Green Transport – what a journey it’s been

The pedicabs have been operating in London for 17 years and one would have to say that they have had their fare share of controversy. The authorities really didn’t know how to handle this new mode of environmentally friendly transport and the reality is they still don’t! By this I mean they were unsure how to license or regulate the industry and with the rapid growth in Pedicab numbers, they knew they had to do something as it was very much out of control.

On one side you had companies, like me, who were self-regulating with insurance, training, a maintenance schedule and workshop, uniformed riders with state of the art pedicabs.

In essence we are structured and have always been totally accountable as any company that carries passengers should be.

Unfortunately, the majority of the other operators simply have never followed this format and operated out of NCP car parks and still do. They have no rules or regulations, no real operating procedures and of course they can operate with very little overheads offering the pedicabs for rent at a much reduced tariff unlike ourselves, for obvious reasons.

This as you can imagine is extremely difficult to compete against and makes a most uneven playing field from a business operational point of view.

It does beggar belief as to why the relevant Authorities have not dealt with this appropriately and allowed this rogue element to grow so disproportionately.

I personally have worked extremely hard and tried to give support to both the pedicab industry and Authorities in order to get regulation.

We are seen and referred to by the Westminster Councils Martin Low, Commissionaire for Transportation as the better side of the industry.

We are a company that the authorities have confirmed they can easily work with so I do question why they are not doing more to assist this sustainable green transport option to thrive.

The reality is that people are voting with their bums and putting them firmly on our seats.

We have only survived because of the media arm of the business that provides advertising and promotional campaigns which has enabled us not just to survive the recession that brought most companies to their knees but we have grown and added to our media offering.