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Innovative Outdoor Media

Here at Rivett Media we pride ourselves in providing exceptional experiential experiences. We create market/brand awareness through innovative outdoor media that is clean, environmentally friendly and highly effective. In addition to roadside billboards, outdoor advertising comes in a variety of display formats at various types of locations.

Rivett Media highly experienced in experiential campaigns has a fleet of pedicabs with drivers which can be branded at request. Giving complimentary lifts to and from destinations creates an interactive experience with commuters who then associate this positive feeling with the brand. This hand in hand with vocal experienced staff distributing information, complimentary gifts etc. is a marketing technique which cannot be ignored, it is cost effective complementary and highly effective.

There has been an array of exciting outdoor media campaigns in the last year including Ads that interact with human emotions for e.g. ‘The Women Aid look at me’ campaign. This billboard, created by WCRS, used facial recognition technology to recognize when people actively paid attention to the image of a bruised woman. As more people take notice of the image of the women, her bruises slowly heal, demonstrating to viewers that by taking notice they can help confront the signs of domestic violence by not turning a blind eye. Another campaign to catch my attention was Carlsberg’s aptly named ‘probably the best poster in the world’.

The free beer dispensing billboard offered visitors a half of lager from a tap located at the bottom of the poster. Carlsberg already has a history of memorable advertising but took it to the next level gaining worldwide attention with this awesome stunt. Outdoor advertising has become an essential part of any advertising budget as our society has become increasingly mobile. Developments in technology have made outdoor advertising an ideal platform for interactivity. This creates deeper engagement with audiences and provides advertisers with a new direct marketing channel. Outdoor advertising offers the perfect solution to reach these busy audiences while they are on the move.

Rivett Media takes brand awareness to another level, our street team creates results through experiential face to face contact, and precise strap lines to ensure your message really gets across. Book our team for a truly memorable experience.