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Media Formats

Promotions & Events

We believe each and every event is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s potential and personality. Our team provides creative and integrated promotional events ranging from product launches, corporate events and media campaigns….


Since 2004 we have been providing high-profile distribution campaigns for ‘blue chip’ clients in the heart of London’s City hub and UK regions. Our expertise is second to none and with the option of being able to use London Pedicabs for branding awareness…

Field Marketing

Field marketing has flourished in a difficult economic period over the last three years and we have delivered fantastic results for our clients with the success of street subscriptions and data collection. Our client base has increased substantially as word has…


We have a Pedicab fleet that is perfect for promotional campaigns with its 6 sheet capability that Rivett media introduced to the Outdoor Advertising industry in 2004 We have a Pedicab fleet that is perfect for promotional campaigns with its 6 sheet capability…


The popular 6-sheet Adbike is 3 wheeled state of the art trike that features two 6-sheet billboard posters (1800 mm x 1200 mm) and these can be backlit. Ad bikes can get access right to the point-of-sale, creating a very high profile out of home and street advertising. To enhance the offering, Adbikes can be fitted with PA systems and Bluetooth messaging. Adbikes can also be used either for mobile outdoor advertising


Adscreens are the latest form of street advertising with a unique high impact integration of audio-visual. Combined with the power of face to face sales promotions, Adscreens generate great branding awareness within the market place.
Adscreens are worn by brand ambassadors, they have video screens combined with sound audio. In essence, this is…


Adboards offer an innovative and eye-catching advertising solution. The dynamic displays have double sided illuminated boards with added audio option that make this a very versatile media format.

The high quality visuals are stunning combined with our professional team of brand ambassadors really stand out in the crowd. Campaign operation can be extended…

Promotional Staff

We supply top flight promo people for all major exhibitions and events throughout the UK. Whether it’s a glamorous team to meet & greet the clients or a specialist Experiential sales or a promo team in support of any of our other advertising activities, we have it all in house.

Your product will be in great hands. Our professional team are always briefed well