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Adscreens are the latest form of street advertising with a unique high impact integration of audio-visual. Combined with the power of face to face sales promotions, Adscreens generate great branding awareness within the market place.

Adscreens are worn by brand ambassadors, they have video screens combined with sound audio. In essence, this is a high impact television. Our promo is able to interact with your target audience and can distribute promotional leaflets or other marketing collateral whilst playing: TV commercials, film clips, videos, product demonstrations.

An Adscreen campaign can be specifically designed to reach the right target audience at the right time and location.
They can get right to the Point of Sale and really demand attention.

Our brand ambassadors can be promotional girls or guys or fashion models and actors. Adscreens are particularly effective at night when they truly stand out in the crowds and reach your target audience where traditional media is scarce or non-existent. Adscreens work in wide range of locations & venues.

– Campaign can be used tactically to target specific audiences
– Can get closer to the Point of Sale
– Can go to places where no traditional advertising is allowed
– Suitable for indoor use for example at exhibitions, in store displays, within shopping centres
– Get to the youth culture on the streets; use for bar or club promotions, drinks promos, cinema or film promotions and many more
– Are interactive and have the power of sound
– No production costs