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Savanna Cider

In 2007, Rivett Media approached Savanna Cider directly in South Africa who then looked at our website and put us directly in touch with their outdoor agency (Distell).

It took 10 months of follow ups before we embarked on our 1st campaign trail with Savanna. It was a highly successful campaign, we ran 30 Pedicabs on a standard media campaign for 2 weeks in central London.

Pedicabs were fully liveried and went out on circuit very much the same as the black’s cabs who have taxi media.

The Client loved what we did for them being totally experiential (product to the client and visa versa) that they have book again for the year of 2009.

Further work was commissioned from April through June 2009, through Draft fcb, Savanna’s outdoor agency.

2009 was again very successful, Rivett Media having run a media promo campaign which, as it sounds, is a combination of both media and promotional work.

London was the base for the media campaign with Rivett Media operating in the Soho area promoting the Savanna brand and directing consumers to the 300 Savanna outlets in central London. Incorporated with the media campaign were photo shoots and site tours by clients of Savanna.

Rivett Media then moved on to Brighton for two consecutive long weekends for a purely promotional event. There are 47 new outlets for Savanna in Brighton and Rivett Media were distributing leaflets as well as giving customers free lifts to the venues.

Savanna was delighted with the success of the enterprise and work of Rivett Media and is looking at Blackpool and Manchester for this coming season!