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The art of giving something away for free

When Street Merchandising first became popular in the late 1990s Rivett Media was one of the pioneer companies to be involved with this new marketing phenomenon and have been at the cutting edge when it comes to refining and implementing the art of merchandising.

The skill is in getting a defined message across quickly and efficiently; not just putting something into somebody’s hand.

We were the first company to give free newspapers away in the City of London nearly 14 years ago and it wasn’t always straight forward.

Londoners are skeptical at the best of times, even when it’s free and want to know the catch. In fact, there is no catch but the common perception is there must be.

We have come a long way over this last decade through the worst recession in living memory but in spite of this, companies are still using this method to get their message out to the wider audience.


Simply put, it’s cost effective and gets results!

It is essential that the team look the part with the correct dress code.

I still see so many inappropriately dressed promo people that really let the brand that they are promoting down and this is a cardinal sin, from my point of view.

The new mode of merchandising is very different now and you are judged on results and the clients look closely at this and rightly so.

We have assisted many companies over the years to promote their product in the right location and in the right way achieving fantastic results, which is why we have remained busy and are now pushing new boundaries when it comes to getting the results our clients expect and demand.